Preface: Through the utilization of mathematics in the design of origami, established a relationship of folding sequence algorithms for use in microbiological implants as well as uses in satellites. Emphasis has also been placed on the complex packing structures needed to establish appropriate housing methods for the growing human population.

A single sheet. No cuts. No tears. No limits. I have been designing and folding origami for well over a decade. I currently have a book in the early stages titled, “Roses” which I hope to release early 2017.

The method I use to design is one I created called the InfinityBase^(followed by the representative equation.) It focuses the attention completely on the center of the paper, rather than the edge. In addition, the models are folded from a two-dimensional square, directly to the three-dimensional form. What I mean by this is that I bypass the two-dimensional base, which can be seen in all other forms of design. By doing this, it allows for a more precise use of paper.

Inspiration comes from multiple sources: Nature, experiences, dreams, as well as other origami artists. But perhaps most importantly, I draw inspiration from the people I meet by observing their demeanor, interests, and beliefs. I believe it is essential to bring people into the art I create, thus, establishing a deeper connection. As such, when one views my work they not only see my inspiration, but also the views of those from whom I have drawn my inspiration from. The person that inspires me the most is my Beautiful Girlfriend, Alejandra <3
My ultimate goal in origami is to create sculptures that surpass anything that has been seen before. And not only this, but I also want to share a journey that is seen by few others. A journey that starts as various calculations on scrap paper and slowly begins to form into unique works of art. To show that origami is not the child’s art form, as it is sometimes referred to, but can be truly beautiful, complex, and inspiring.



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